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We can serve all modes of transport in all directions. Petroleum products, derivatives, and liquid products from biomass can be pumped between all types of vehicles. The terminal has its own self-service railway siding, which is located directly in the excise warehouse. The TAM Group a.s., in the context of existing business conducted through the company T A M Terminal s.r.o., is engaged in the purchase and sale of oil derivatives and fuels:

Excise warehouse service

We provide excise warehouse services through the private licensed company T A M Terminal s.r.o. The dynamic capacity of the excise warehouse is 500,000 mt per year.

We provide the neutralization of documents in terms of railway and road transport for all types of mineral oils, such as: primarily gasoline, kerosene, gas oil, diesel, fuel and heating oil, base oils, petroleum, LNG, LPG, VGO, ETBE, MTBE, and biodiesel. At the same time, we allow you to change the joint holder of the mineral oil. We provide direct delivery service under the authorised recipient to guarantee for the excise duty and EOSA. Within the individual lease storage capacity, we provide the opportunity to receive mineral oil at the excise warehouse under tax suspension pursuant to Commission premises and related requirements.

EMCS service provider

The terminal provides, through its licensed company T A M Terminal s.r.o., EMCS service for all modes of transport when receiving and sending all kinds of mineral oils.


Upon agreement, we provide a trimodal pumping service (tanker / train / tank, ADN / RID / ADR) and the transshipment of oil derivatives. The terminal permits the pumping of all kinds of oil derivatives and liquid products transported on the Danube.

Pumping capacity is 120,000 mt / month; about 1.5 million mt / year.

Pontoon services

We provide parking services for tankers and tank barges as part of the port service for pontoons. Within these services, we even provide bunkering and the refuelling of fuel and operational substances and fuels – bunker service for ships.

Blending biocomponents and additivation

We have the possibility to blend bio-components in the enterprise to produce mineral oil and additivation with 4 types of additives when dispatching from an excise warehouse.