Strategic position
within the EU


The TAM Group a.s. is the operator of the tank port on the river kilometre 1766 rkm at the confluence of the Rivers Danube and the Vah.

The tank port has four port locations with lifting pontoons. There are positions for parking tankers, tank barges, and liquid pumping substrates between tankers. Through our licensed and certified companies, we operate a pumping terminal with an excise warehouse and enterprise for mineral oils. At the same time, we also deal with the purchase and sale of petroleum derivatives within our own commercial and logistics activities. We have all the necessary licenses, permits, and certificates needed to solve your logistic situation.

The companies of TAM Terminal have a license for the operation of international and domestic freight and passenger water transport, authorisation to operate an enterprise for the production of mineral oils, a license to operate an excise warehouse enabling the blending of bio-components for fuels, certified ISCC EU marketing, and the storage of biodiesel FAME, a license for the supply of bunker and river vessels, allowing the trading of selected mineral oils and the distribution of fuels.

Strategic position

The history of the terminal is associated with the former military terminal site for the supply of ships. Several years later, the OMV company operated its logistics centre here through its contractual partners.

Currently we operate the terminal trimodally across all modes of transport: tankers, rail tankers, and tanks. Following extensive reconstruction we now have modern pumping, bottling, dispensing, additive, and mixing technology installed.

We are situated at a strategic point in Central Europe with simple and easy access to most of the markets in the European Union up to an area of 1000 km. Our final destinations include Slovakia, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania, and outside the European Union, Ukraine, Serbia, Russia, and Switzerland are within our reach.

We are the natural result of the logistical sea-river shipping route from the Black Sea cities of Novorossiysk, Tuapse, Varna, Burgas, and Odessa through the Black Sea continental ports of Constanta, Izmail, and Reni on the Danube River to Central Europe. This waterway is safer with regard to the removal of the problematic Turkish Bosporus and Dardanelles straits situated in the Middle East. Given the relatively smooth sailing in the lower stretch of the Danube, convoys weighing about 12,000 mt can be transported to the TAM Terminal. These convoys can then be pumped directly into rail tankers and sent through different customs regimes to the different countries of the EU or outside the EU.